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This is the bio taken directly from his site.
Declan Bennett (aka sumladfromcov) is a 25-year-old, hard-hitting, dynamic acoustic singer-songwriter whose unashamed and honest tales of love and sexuality and emotionally charged lyrics have won him a diverse and devoted fan base around the UK and beyond...

No stranger to fame (with mainstream chart success by the age of 20 as part of a pop/rock outfit, and a lead role in an award-winning West End show), Declan is now taking his own, personal, at times dark and intimate songs to all corners of the country.

From the moment he began introducing his solo repertoire at unplugged nights around London a few years ago under the pseudonym sumladfromcov, he began to get repeated requests for recorded material from a rapidly expanding fan base.

Having already experienced the frustration that writing for a major label could entail, he decided to go it alone, and, in 2005, brought out his debut album, The Painters Ball, on his own label Covboy Records, distributed by Proper, available from record shops throughout the UK and worldwide from online stores like www.amazon.co.uk

Over the past year he has been playing numerous respected acoustic venues and festivals around the UK (as well as turning up in a few unexpected places too, including a live set for the cool festival club favourite Silent Disco at Wychwood Festival).

He has supported at sell-out gigs for the likes of Boy George at Ronnie Scotts London, Seth Lakeman in Exeter and Nizlopi in Worcester, and headlined his own packed gigs in places like London’s Too2Much, which have drawn fans from as far away as Switzerland, Germany and Norway.

Having released a limited-edition EP The Kitchen in early 2006 (recorded unplugged in his London kitchen and available through this website and at gigs), he is now working on his second album, due for release early in 2007.

Declan’s myspace page is at http://www.myspace.com/sumladfromcov

What they’ve said about Declan and his music...

‘He has a voice full of emotion and yearning, his lyrics and melodies have a pop edge without being lazy or radio-desperate’
Boy George writing about Declan Bennett in ‘Time Out London’

‘I’m absolutely convinced that Declan Bennett is going to be massive. I have his album on constant repeat’
‘Little Britain's’ Matt Lucas

‘Declan is the real thing. He sings from the heart, and I defy anyone not to be touched by his songs’
Award-winning songwriter Linda Thompson

‘Dark and soulful, occasionally downright sinister. Deeply mature stuff’

‘ ‘3 Words’ is a hit single just waiting to happen, ‘Thin Air’ is an earnest, moody delight. He has the potential to be very big indeed’
‘What’s On In London’

‘Acoustic soul and lyrical attack is embedded in the heart of his music’

‘A definite thumbs-up. A masterful but tasteful exposition on erotic longing and emotional turmoil’
‘The Orpheus’ Virgin Megastore instore magazine

‘As far from the world of boyband pop as the earth is from Pluto... a startlingly fresh debut’
‘Gay Times’


A very exciting thing has occured people! A new project has arrived and it involves me going Stateside! I've been asked to play the part of singer/songwriter Roger Davis in RENT the rock-opera, on the current USA tour.

I'll be visiting at least 30 towns and cities before Christmas, and many more in the New Year, so if you're anywhere nearby, I'd love it if you'd come along to see the show. My album will be on sale at the theatres while the show's on, too, and I'll hopefully be playing the odd gig along the way, so keep checking back for up-to-date info.

And if you live in any of the towns the show's stopping off at, it'd be great if you could write to me on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/declanbennett) and let me know of any contact names and details for any good acoustic venues or radio stations who might like my music who you recommend in your area - much appreciated!

Don't worry, while I'm away, I'll still be writing regular blogs on the news page, there'll be new music going up on my myspace page each month, and the new album will still be out next year. Who knows, I'll probably have yet another album's worth of material written by the end of the tour, too. And I'll be back in the UK in December/January, so look out for some gigs then.

I'm armed with lyrics and tea bags....can't wait but I'm gonna miss home. My leaving present to you...a free live download on this website coming very soon. Watch this space. Keep the home fires burnin'....dec X SLFC IN USA X
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